Sunwear fashion tips

Spending the day at the beach requires packing of a few essentials. I always make sure to bring a snack, lunch, meal of some sort. The sun and swimming can zap your energy and it’s important to remember to eat, even if you are too hot. I recommend cold fruits, sliced veggies, a light sandwich and definitely hydrate. Pack a couple bottles of water. One of my favorite all year round products is by Caudalie. The Grape Water spray is perfect for all skin types, especially dry or sensitive. This is a terrific product to pack for the beach to rehydrate skin without causing irritation.

As for sunwear, sunglasses should go without saying. If you are planning on doing any water sports, try to find a pair of polarized sunglasses, which will reduce the glare. Earlier in the spring, I posted my Topshop swimsuit and Nordstrom Cover-up for Miami, which I absolutely love! After the beach it is nice to wash off the sand and change into something light and comfortable, especially if you have a bit of a burn. Over my vacation, I chose a mini leopard halter dress in cool cotton with a simple pair of flip flops. This makes all of the difference after a long day in the sun!





Bathing suit

Now that toiletries are done, time to move on to swimwear. I anticipate that beachwear will be most popular during my Miami vacation. If you are traveling on a beach vacation you are probably more concerned with which bathing suit to pack than anything else.

Here is a tip- pack multiple suits! You can always bring one set of accessories that can be worn with every suit, which is where you can save money. Depending on the trip, you may be on the beach and swimming in a pool. It is so much more convenient to alternate between swimsuits to avoid wearing out or stretching the same suit over and over again. Plus, who doesn’t want to look fabulous on vacation?

I decided this year I would throw caution to the wind and try a white swimsuit. I’m banking on a reasonable tan so my pale skin doesn’t give the white suit a run for its money. If you too are opting for a white suit, think of it as a blank canvas. Your accessories including your coverup can add a pop of color.

Other accessories to pack are a hat to avoid a sunburn, which can also be worn with a cute sundress. Sunglasses both for the beach that are more durable and a pair for your outfits. Make sure to pack a small clutch or wristlet, just large enough for the essentials on the beach. I always consider flip flops a must have for hanging around the pool and walking to the beach. I was lucky this year and found all of my swimwear and beach accessories at Nordstrom, which really made it a simple process.


Carrie Bradshaw style

The combination of sweet and rock and roll is intriguing to me when it comes to fashion. I love pairing something traditionally girlie with an edgy piece. One of the Christmas gifts I received this past year was a whimsical ombre tulle skirt from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s. The skirt is so fun and pretty. It reminds me of a skirt that Carrie Bradshaw would wear from Sex and the City.

Last week I attended the “Bangin Brows and Bold Lips” event at Headbangers Salon. Laini Cosmetics Founder, Laini Bianculli made a special guest appearance and offered complimentary mini makeup applications. All of the women were thrilled to receive makeup tips and wear Laini Cosmetics gorgeous lipsticks in colors ranging from nude to vibrant. Pink Champagne, chocolates, and delicious snacks were served while women were able to purchase fabulous products.

Headbangers Salon

LC Brand Beauties display created by Wendy Buiter, International Illustrator

Pink Champagne


This was the perfect event to break out my tulle, full length skirt. I wore a pair of vegan scalloped ballet flats from Nordstrom and a Pantone color of the year, Rose Quartz, faux leather, moto jacket from Bebe. Accessories were kept simple, only wearing a faux leather wristlet in rose gold from JCPenney. I wanted to wear bright lipstick with a more natural eye. In this look, I am wearing Laini Cosmetics lipstick in Joyride, Independent palette on eyes and cheeks, and created a strobing effect using The Bead Goes On palette.

The Bead Goes On palette

Bebe moto jacket and wristlet

Ashley in tulle skirt



Black leggings

Several weeks ago, I purchased a solid black outfit, which is not very surprising for me. However, the pieces individually needed a little boost because they were simple and steam line. My brother recently ran the marathon in Greece and my father and uncle went with him. Warren did an amazing job and I am so proud of him. They brought back souvenirs including a beautiful pink and purple scarf and olive tree carved bracelet. These were the perfect additions to my otherwise plain black look and gave it the pizzazz that was needed.

Over the weekend, I worked on a beauty photo shoot with Laini Bianculli for an upcoming article that will be posted on the Style with Laini blog. This was the perfect time to wear this look. Believe it or not my heels are very comfortable and the weather was perfect for a gorgeous scarf.

In this look I am wearing a simple long sleeved tunic that I purchased in the BP. department at Nordstrom. I wore this black tunic over a pair of Lysse leggings and Ivanka Trump heels.  My Greek scarf and bracelet topped off the look along with a tuxedo jacket from Zara that I purchased years ago.

I tried something a little different for my makeup. My beauty look is centered around M.A.C.’s stone lipstick– a greyish brown color. To compliment the grey in the lipstick I wore the light silver/grey color eyeshadow in the Independent palette from Laini Cosmetics. Stone can be a very dramatic shade and can very easily drain the color from your face. It is important to find the right makeup to enhance your skin and not detract. An even skin tone, complementing shadow, and blush will ensure that stone looks its best. Silver, taupe, and purple shadows would be beautiful with this lipstick. You could easily contour your face for an evening look, but for the daytime try using a wine shade blush. In my case, the scarf really brings life to my beauty look and the purple undertone in the lipstick.




Ivanka Trump heels




Swimsuit season- Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching and if you are not barbecuing and you live in or near Philadelphia, chances are, you will be at the shore. Bathing suits are on my mind. Not just any suit, but ones that are flattering. I want to feel my best and confident during the most skin -tastic time of year. Here is a tip. Wear what looks best on you. This is definitely one of those occasions when “trendy” is not for everyone. Use the well known tricks to avoid accentuating whatever area makes you self conscience. For instance- look for a ruffled top if you are small chested. Try a one piece with blousing detail on the waist or intricate print on the top if you want to hide your stomach. AND please do not forget to wear sunscreen! Seriously, you will still get a tan, but avoid the dangerous rays at the same time. Shiseido has a variety of sunscreens including one specifically for the face, which is gentle and effective.

Now for my top swimsuit picks:

A beautiful geranium colored one-piece with bow detail around the bust by Kate Spade. This fiery red suit is strapless and a show stopper. Available at Nordstrom.

Mix and Match from Victoria’s Secret. Create your own bikini from bandeau tops to ruffled cheeky bottoms with prints and solid colors available.

Swimsuits for All offers an incredible selection for curvy ladies. One of my favorites is the athletic scuba two-piece with fishnet detail and high waisted bottom. I love the blue and black combo as well.

Leopard is certainly a bold print option for those who want to stand out. Shoshanna offers a classic halter top with a high waisted retro bottom swimsuit.


90’s slipdress redux

Do you remember when Tori Spelling aka Donna Martin, Jennie Garth aka Kelly Taylor, and Shannen Doherty aka Brenda Walsh all wore slip dresses throughout the 90’s? Of course you remember, it was all the rage except there was a small grunge influence working against the slinkiness of the dress. One guess, cotton. Yep they wore a white cotton tee shirt or tank underneath, which I could never figure out why. I mean they certainly wore their fair share of provocative clothing. Every once in a while a denim jacket was the perfect accessory for these 90’s babes.

Realizing that every trend is cyclical and with the rebirth of Dr Martens, the slipdress is back. I love this plaid 1. State dress because it pays homage to the previous trend, but also makes the necessary tweaks for it to be a fun and current piece. The lace hemline is the feminine, girly touch instead of the former silkier fabrics. My ZARA mules were the perfect combo- chunk heels, another popular trend back then. Keeping with the 90’s theme I chose a gorgeous raisin brown lipstick from YSL called Grenat Satisfaction.

Donna Martin Graduates






Spring in my step

The Crane Arts Building housed the Women’s Ready to Wear Runway Show day 4 of Philly Fashion Week on February 21st. There was a slight reprieve from the polar vortex and the night was warmer than usual. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and wear something decidedly spring. I don’t care what that little rodent had to say, I was ready for spring and I believe it is on its way.

My hot pink Young Fabulous & Broke maxi dress was purchased at Nordstrom. This Boho chic collection with beautiful vibrant colors and flowing fabrics was the perfect design choice. I love the black and hot pink color duo, which is why I wore black patent leather peep toes (similar).



Without competing with the dress, I complemented the bold color with Funny Face lipstick by NARS, Eyeshadow 2.0 in The 15 Minutes by Bare Minerals, and Orgasm blush by NARS.



Styling on a budget

Attending the Nordstrom Beauty Bash would not be complete if I did not offer styling tips as well. After all if your hair, nails, and makeup are done then why not the perfect outfit? In the summer bright and vivid colors prevail, leaving the nights for black or darker hues. I decided that I needed a bold pattern to wear to such an upbeat and fun event. I chose a Vera Wang dress with colors that reminded me of that childhood favorite, the rocket popsicle with the artificial blue and red colors. As I may have mentioned before I am growing weary of nude pumps, not because I am against the color aesthetically, but because they tend to look lazy and uninspired…”Oh I’m wearing a white dress, better buy nude pumps.” With that said, the busyness of the dress required a low key shoe color, but needed a texture and design to hold up to this dress. The cutouts on these Vera Wang platform sandals are just the ticket. Add a little gold jewelry, layer and stack away as the new trend is heavy with accessories. Just make sure they are complimentary.




Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Beauty Bash

I arrived early to the Beauty Bash at Nordstrom last Friday. I wanted to take some pictures before the throngs of customers rolled in ready for a complimentary skincare consultation or beauty demonstration. The DJ was in place and playing music while beauty experts briskly rechecked their counters preparing for their appointments.

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Nordstrom Beauty Bash











ake sure to book an appointment for the Anniversary Beauty Bash at Nordstrom King of Prussia. This fabulous upcoming event will be on Friday July 19th from 5-8pm. The Brow, Nail, and Blow-out bar is complimentary to guests and what beauty event would be complete without FREE goodies?! I will be at the event taking pictures and chatting away, please say hello and let me know which products you tired and enjoyed!