A destination website focused on all things fashion, beauty, art, and food. For the enthusiast seeking styling and product tips, latest trends, entertaining articles, and recipes. This social media site is about interpreting trends without compromising your individual style.

An inspired blend of fashion and beauty tips, helpful how-to’s, and insights gleaned from years as a fashion and beauty lover. I will be periodically writing about some of my favorites, classic looks, and personal styling techniques.

Personally, I strive to focus and feature brands, products, and companies that are socially and ethically responsible. Over the past couple of years I have converted to Veganism, not just in what I consume, but what I purchase and support. This has forced me to become more aware, learning as I go and making sure that I promote the brands and companies of which I believe. More consumers are savvy about the origin of what they wear and support. It is important for me to know the origins of my purchases, whether fashion or food.

My recipes since becoming a vegan include fresh and cruelty free ingredients, making delicious alternatives to meat and other dairy by-products. I believe it is important to find ways to create a satisfying dish or snack without harming the environment or animals. I provide helpful tips and techniques to easily make scrumptious vegan foods. 

Sugarpeel provides a creative approach to marketing. I founded my own business to offer strategic marketing solutions and branding services to start-ups, personal brands, and established companies. My areas of expertise include consultative marketing strategies, business development, sales, and content development. Please visit for examples of my work.

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