Not all of us are blessed with the eyebrows of Brooke Shields, Lily Collins or Cara Delevingne, but that does not mean we cannot achieve the full brow look. I have put off the search for the perfect brow product for quite some time, largely because I found it a little intimidating. Not wanting to end up with fake looking, drawn on brows. However, my search ended very quickly knowing that Laini Cosmetics sells the perfect brow kit. I felt comfortable applying the shadow, worry free, knowing the quality of the Laini Cosmetics brand.

Laini Cosmetics brow kit, The Brows Have It, includes four shadows and one cream shadow for contouring and precision once the shadow in applied. The kit also includes a mirror, double ended brow brush and spoolie. The wonderful part about having the brow brush included is the ability to create either a natural brow look or a more defined look. I prefer to just fill in any gaps I have and slightly enhance the shape for a more natural appearance. Check out this shadow tutorial from Anastasia if you need a little guidance.

I first applied my full makeup as usual and then applied the second to darkest brow shade to my brows and then cleaned up any mistakes using the cream shadow. The results were just as I hoped- a natural, fuller brow look, just enough to frame my face and add the finishing touches to my makeup. The finished brow look enhances your face and accentuates your eyes! The Laini Cosmetics brow kit is perfect for those of us who have over plucked at need a little help until the hairs grow back. Make sure to purchase this fabulous brow kit, especially for the fall season. As Laini predicted strong brows will be a major trend.





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  • great article laini! Sugarpeel is right.. you do sell the #perfectbrowkit!

    August 20, 2015

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