Checked shirt

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a beautiful and safe holiday. I am thankful for all of your support and viewership. Since this holiday consists of cooking, baking, eating, and visiting with loved ones, I like feeling comfortable. Incredibly warm, Ann Taylor knit pants and a soft Zara checked shirt are my perfect duo today.  Enjoy your day!




Holiday Decorations- How to make the perfect bow


My grandparents visited this week and we had a wonderful time as usual. I love to be around my family, especially during the holiday season. With Thanksgiving just a few days away of course I am already looking forward to Christmas. Since  my family all lives in upstate New York, I am not able to travel during the holiday season because of the snow and treacherous driving conditions. While they visited we watched Hallmark Christmas movies and I put my grandmother to work on decorations. Each year my talented grandma makes 50 bows for the Harvest festival at her church, where gift baskets are for auction. She creates these gorgeous bow toppers that make a truly special basket for the winner. Wrapping is not a strength of mine, but I love beautifully wrapped gifts with a great big bow on top! Even if my presents look a little rough around the edges, the bow elevates the look. Here is a short video how-to of a stunning bow, courtesy of my grandmother.


Ruby Spark- Red Lip Trio from Laura Mercier

Oh my lips! Extravagant is the adjective that comes to mind when I think of the texture of this gorgeous trio. The limited edition, holiday set, Ruby Spark Lip Trio from Laura Mercier is absolutely dazzling. The creamy formula hydrates lips, leaving a long wear vibrant red color. I can guarantee compliments will roll in when wearing these products. You can apply in many ways. You could add just a touch of shimmer and red tint by solely applying the lip glacé. You could line your lips with Ruby and then apply the Red Armour lipstick, or you could try something a little more bold. I began by outlining my lips with Ruby and then filling in the entire lip to avoid the drawn look. Then I applied the smooth Red Armour, which does not feather at all. To finish this look, simply use your fingertip to apply Ruby Spark lip glacé just to the center of your lips to create depth and a little sparkle.

Lip Transformer Trio Ruby Spark



Moustaches for Movember

Ok fellas, this one’s for you! This month, as many of you already know is Movember. A time of support and awareness for men’s health by growing a moustache all November long. When someone asks you about your handlebar or swashbuckler, take the time to discuss why you are grooming a ‘stache and the importance of this month for men.

Warren is wearing a vintage, leather, Members Only jacket with a faux fur collar. This handsome jacket was purchased at Night Bird, a vintage shop in New Hope, PA, where treasure abounds. I recommend taking the time to search through the racks for truly special pieces from the 60’s and beyond. More to come on a fabulous find that I purchased for myself!





Donate your Doorbusters

Donate your doorbusters! It is the season to give and with the incredible deals found on this infamous day after Thanksgiving, why not reserve some money for those in need. As far back as I can remember, Black Friday was a chaotic day filled with nervous excitement, waiting in line outside the doors of a department store still full from the Turkey dinner the day before, freezing cold, hoping for a fabulous find. There was a time when a doorbuster included a mini snow globe or little trinket of some sort and a significant coupon to get the shopping ball rolling. That was always so exciting. You never really felt as if you were spending money. Now, the game has changed a bit. Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving evening for some stores and Cyber Monday offers additional deals the next week. However, one thing remains the same. The needs of others continue to grow and during this time to be thankful it is important to remember those less fortunate. While you are enjoying the day shopping and taking advantage of the deals, perhaps you could find an item to donate. JCPenney will be selling women’s boots for $19.99 and fluffy bath towels for $2.99! Amazon is starting now with up to 60% off clothing. I will continue to tweet the deals as they are announced.

There are some important tips to keep in mind before you enjoy the Black Friday deals. Here are some creative and useful suggestions, including the apps to navigate the deals of Black Friday courtesy of Montgomeryville Acura.

3 Holiday Styling Tips

Thank you to Scotch Naturals for creating a wonderful brand. If you are not familiar with their products, they are a non toxic, vegan, and cruelty free nail polish brand. Their 43 colors range from bold to delicate with glimmering shades in between. They offer a fabulous deal, their Cocktail Trio, which includes three polishes of your choosing plus a top coat for $48! I was featured as one of the bloggers in their perfect pairings post this week. The holiday season is bustling and when you are not layered and bundled you are probably getting ready to attend a holiday party. For styling tips and suggestions from head to toe, check out my 3 looks for this holiday season!


Holiday Gift Ideas

I have been listening to Christmas music since the beginning of November. I just cannot help myself. I know I should wait until after Thanksgiving, but each year the holidays seem to go by faster and faster. I figured this year I would start early and maximize the season. All of my gifts are purchased with the exception of my little baby, Sophia (a Yorkie). In the essence of stretching the season, here are some beauty gift ideas from Laura Mercier and RéVive, spanning a range of price points. These are two of my favorite brands, offering beautiful gifts for everyone! Gift sets are the best because they are a the complete package- no need to buy a bunch a little things. 

Into The Wild Lookbook Collection

Laura Mercier Into The Wild Lookbook Collection, $125

Golden Honey Musk Signature Gourmande Candle

Laura Mercier, Golden Honey Musk Signature Gourmande Candle, $75

Intensite Travel Kit

RéVive Intensite Travel Kit, $375 which includes: Intensite Volumizing Serum, Intensite Les Yeux, and Intensite Volumizing Eye Serum

Golden Honey Musk Duet

Laura Mercier, Golden Honey Musk Duet, $50 which includes: Bath Gel and Body Cream in sweet honey and warm amber.

Artbox ReVive

ReVive, Artbox, $595 which includes: Moisturizing Renewal Cream Supreme, Eye Renewal Serum, Moisturizing Renewal Eye Cream, Sensitif Renewal Cream SPF 30, and Fermitif Neck Renewal Cream



Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission- Food Drive

When I visited the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission yesterday, I learned so much more than just about the Fall food drive which is now underway. This establishment has been serving breakfast to those in need since 1878. Today three well balanced meals are served daily, the 13th street location can house 300 men in their emergency shelter, with a small separate quarters for the elderly- providing a clean bed, a daily shower, meals, spiritual support, health assistance, a biweekly foot clinic, and a weekly health clinic sponsored by Thomas Jefferson Healthcare, and Wayne Hall, a women and children’s center complete with a kitchen, dinning hall and family room that can accommodate 10 families in Germantown, PA.

The Overcomer Program offers a long term 12 month program for men who wish to reestablish their lives, whether they are recovering from an addiction or trying to receive their G.E.D. or higher education. The Learning Center, provides computers so they can stay in touch with their friends and loved ones. Resources are available for the job application and interview process as well as a well fitting suit. The Internship program is available for all men seeking to continue a life of ministry. An additional year at the Mission is available to attend the Rescue College or various vocational training. In this program, the men sleep in a private quarters where the resident cat is loved and spoiled!

Every attention to detail is made to ensure these men succeed in life, that their basic needs are met in addition to the resources to propel them forward. Preserving dignity, fostering a kind and respectful environment with Christ as the center is very important for the mission. Bedding is washed every day, lockers are provided to safely store any possessions, Bible readings and Chaplain services keep the moral strength, sock donations protect their feet as conditions are hard in the elements. At the foot clinic, special attention is paid to complete foot care .

This is the first year ever that Thanksgiving will be a four hour dining experience! Providing a home cooked traditional Turkey dinner for those in need. In order to make this possible, the Mission relies heavily on generous donations. Please consider giving this year to Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission to make this special day of thanks possible for all. Your donations directly impact the these men striving and seeking assistance to better their lives. Parking is available off of Pearl street to make the delivery process convenient. Please check this list to see what you can contribute. Volunteers are always needed to serve if you are unable to give. I am impressed with the good work of the Rescue Mission, their dedicated volunteers, and all who make this establishment possible for so many in need.









J. Paul Anti Aging Skincare for Men

In honor of Movember, I decided to share a wonderful mens skincare line. J.Paul, an anti aging skincare brand, focusing on the needs of men with the mission to make the grooming process simple, but still effective. The J.Paul line utilizes amino acids as one of the main ingredients, which help to build collagen, making the skin firmer and smooth. Aloe and Vitamin C  are other key ingredients, which help soothe inflammation and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

I recommend purchasing the three part system to maximize the benefits. Daily Defense Cream with PT3 Amino Acid Bioactive Complex, Overnight Recovery Cream with Concentrated Amino Acids, and the Revitalize Serum for the Eyes with PT3 Amino Acid Bioactive Complex. In the AM, apply the eye serum first onto clean skin. Gently using just a pea sized amount apply on the orbital bone. The serum immediately absorbs into the delicate skin under the eye, cooling and tightening the skin. Then apply the daily defense cream all over the face. This slightly thicker formula, evenly coats the face and soaks into the skin for deep hydration. Before bed, apply the overnight cream to a clean face. This product is incredibly creamy and can be applied more liberally as it will slowly penetrate the skin leaving the face looking refreshed in the morning. After just one day , you will see glaring results. The face is moisturized and looks healthy and youthful. After just a week, fine lines are reduced. These products are silky, lightweight, and luxurious!

The product line is now available at Macy’s in Philadelphia and Nordstrom! Treat a special man in your life to these products for truly noticeable results, especially if he is participating in Movember. Daily shaving can cause irritation and the J. Paul products will help to alleviate the pain and razor burn.

J. Paul1

Banana Date Vegan and Gluten Free Muffins

It is no secret that I crave sweets on a regular basis, especially in the morning. I love a hot cup of chamomile with some sort of pastry. However, I need to be creative with all of my food intolerances. The overall taste does not need to change. After a little experimenting, please enjoy this recipe for a delicious breakfast muffin or anytime snack!


1 1/2 cup buckwheat flour

3/4 cup flax meal

3/4 cup oat bran

1/2 brown sugar

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp cinnamon

2 ripe mashed banans

6 chopped medule dates

1 cup flax milk

Mix all together

Separate into cupcake papers

Bake at 350 degrees until done

Makes 12 small muffins

I used Bob’s Red Mill Flour, Oat, and Meals, which can be purchased at Whole Foods.

Banana Date Muffins

Banana Date Muffins 2